Multifunction U-drill 2.5D – WENCERL
Multifunction U-drill 2.5D - WENCERL

Multifunction U-drill 2.5D – WENCERL

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Specification and model D d L1 Ls L Insert model Screw Wrench
SF-08R-2.5D-C16 8 16 20 42 72 QCMT040104 M1.8*4 T6
SF-10R-2.5D-C16 10 25 78 QCMT050204 M2.0*5
SF-12R-2.5D-C16 12 30 45 87 QCMT060204 M2.2*5
SF-14R-2.5D-C16 14 35 92 QCMT070304 M2.5*6 T8
SF-16R-2.5D-C20 16 20 40 50 102 QCMT080304 M3.0*8 T10
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